Why Won't Jamie Foxx Release His LeBron and Steph Curry Stan Movie, 'All-Star Weekend?'

Prive Revaux Launch Event - Arrivals
Prive Revaux Launch Event - Arrivals / Steve Granitz/GettyImages

What if I told you there was a star-studded movie about a LeBron James fan and a Stephen Curry fan attending NBA All-Star Weekend and it has apparently been completed for years and we might never see it? Well, that's apparently what is going on with Jamie Foxx's directorial debut All-Star Weekend. Jeremy Piven discussed the project on a podcast a few months ago.

Apparently, Foxx was ready to finish this up and find a distributor way back in 2018, coming off the fourth consecutive Cleveland Cavaliers-Golden State Warriors Finals matchup. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“It’s so relevant right now,” Foxx, who wrote, directed and stars in the film, tellsTHR during a sit-down on the set of his Grey Goose digital talk show Off Script. “Comedy, right now, needs a movie like All-Star Weekend and something you haven’t seen before.”

Amazingly, Foxx didn't completely miss striking while the iron was hot. Curry just won his fourth title last month and LeBron James is still playing at a high level, even if the Lakers look like they'll be fighting for a play-in spot again this season. If you were curious, the last episode of Off Script was uploaded to the vodka brand's YouTube channel four years ago.

Anyway, this mythical movie has a Wikipedia page and very thorough IMDB page. The question is, why hasn't it seen the light of day? If it's bad, there's no shame in that. People make bad movies every day. This movie needs to be released before everyone and everything in it, including the LeBron - Steph rivalry, is completely irrelevant.