Why Was ESPN Considering Brett Favre for "Monday Night Football" In the First Place?


Brett Favre’s Monday Night Football audition with ESPN did not go well, according to a report from scoop addict Andrew Marchand. The search for Joe Tessitore’s partner will continue. Perhaps the network can try to woo a different Hall of Fame-caliber quarterback and the third time will be the charm.

UPDATE: Favre offered his own “clarification” on the report.

It’s worth wondering why they even kicked the tires on Favre, considering the obvious blow-back looming in the rearview window. In addition to being the biggest name on the market, he has the biggest target on his back by virtue of the 2010 scandal in which he allegedly sent lewd images to Jenn Sterger.

This was, by all measures, a significant story at the time but was years before the Me Too movement. Revisiting and re-litigating it in 2018 would breathe new life into the conversation and bring real heat on Favre and the network. To add more fuel to the fire, Sterger last October accused an unnamed ESPN “decision-maker” of sexual harassment.

News of Favre’s audition dropped within an hour of For The Win publishing an interview with Sterger in which she speaks out once again about both incidents in the hopes other women don’t have similar experiences. What a confluence of events.

ESPN brass had to know a decision to go with Favre would have come with a ton of baggage in the court of public opinion. Yet they were reportedly interested enough to have him come in and take a few reps. One can’t help but wonder if this flubbed audition is a blessing in disguise for the Worldwide Leader.

Favre would have been catnip for those good and bad faith critics looking to jump on any opportunity to make ESPN look bad. Perhaps they unwittingly dodged a bullet.