Why Sports Fans Should Care About The Royal Wedding


1. Prince William is a sporting fellow. Like any rich white English nobleman, William played polo. He’s also a fan of Aston Villa and the president of England’s Football Association and vice royal patron of the Welsh Rugby Union. Now, I’m not sure what those last two things mean, but I’m sure he has access to good seats because of those titles.

3. The Wall Street Journal imagined what it would be like if ESPN covered the Royal Wedding instead of the NFL Draft.

4. As demonstrated in the pictures above, Kate Middleton often wears silly hats. A fucking hat!

5. The internet. Sure, they Royal Wedding is at an ungodly hour, but if you’re up you’ll be able to talk to other people through the magic of Twitter. Heck, even the Queen is tweeting. And Kate Middleton FTW is hilarious.

6. Mr. Bean will be there. What does Rowan Atkinson have to do with sports or blogs? Nothing, but Blackadder and Mr. Bean are classic works of comedic art. And check out the rest of the silly names on the guest list.

8. You can gamble on the Royal Wedding. I’ve got a parlay of the Queen’s hat (orange), crying during the ceremony, Kate Middleton’s first honeymoon bikini picture (green) and the under (1.75 billion) on worldwide television audience. Also, I put a sawbuck on the first kiss between William and Kate going on for longer than a minute. (+25000) He’s a prince. If he wants to make out at Westminster Abbey, he can damn well do it.

9. Finally, an excuse to drink before work. Wake up early, go to a Royal Wedding viewing party and tip back some special edition Fuller’s Royal Wedding Celebration Ale. Of, if you’re on the West Coast, you’ll still be up. What better nightcap than viewing the nuptials of two people you’ve never met?