Why is LeBron Disrespecting David Blatt So Badly?


Through the losses, the lack of defense, the trade rumors, the actual trades, and the injuries, I’ve maintained that the Cleveland Cavaliers will be alright. I’ve joked about LeBron, their GM, having a rough 6+ months on the job.

I still think come March and April, the storm clouds will have lifted, the chemistry will be there, and the Cavs will reach the Eastern Conference Finals.

But then I see something like this series of videos from the Cleveland – Phoenix game … and yikes.

Bruce Twersky, a writer for Sheridan Hoops, sat right behind the bench this week and seemingly videotaped every timeout. And not to get all body language-expert on you, but dammit, look at LeBron. All the videos don’t paint a bright picture, but this one is probably the worst:

We get it, LeBron – this guy is a rookie head coach in the NBA, you’re the best player in the NBA, but is it really imperative for you to be walking aimlessly around the outside of the huddle?

As Woj wrote this week, LeBron’s not exactly showing brilliant leadership here. And that’s apparently been the case for much of the season so far, which doesn’t portend a great future. What happens when Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving – who have never won squat – start taking their cues from LeBron, and also start tuning out the coach?

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Toss JR Smith into the mix, and it gets even uglier.

I know, I know – it’s one game. It was his first game back. There are bigger issues to focus on, like the lack of defense, and Kyrie Irving’s shoot-first mentality and … But don’t be surprised when ESPN starts producing a “LeBron Cam” to simply track whether or not he’s part of the huddle or listening to his coach.

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