Why Exactly Would Kyrie Irving Want to Join the Brooklyn Nets?


This week has brought us mass agreement amongst NBA rumors that Kyrie Irving is serious about signing with the Brooklyn Nets this summer. The reaction to the reports has mostly centered around the fact that the Knicks are about to miss out another marquee superstar. Yet that is far from the where the discussion should be The story is actually a question. So, I will ask it clearly: Just why exactly would Kyrie Irving want to join the Brooklyn Nets?

Sure, the Nets have an improving, young, talented, playoff roster just waiting for someone to come in as their leader. You know, exactly the situation Irving had and failed in with the Boston Celtics. Everything good he could have with the Nets he had in Boston. And he squandered it all. Is this the same Irving who called LeBron James to talk about how hard it is to play with young players? Perhaps he believes Brooklyn’s version of a young squad is better suited to listen to him?

Irving should leave the Celtics. It was a bad fit and a marriage that isn’t going to improve with him on the team. However, he should absolutely not go and try to re-enact it in a different city. The Nets’ roster is actually worse than the Celtics minus Irving. It would make sense if he is looking to go home in sooner than five games into the second round. Gut feeling, he isn’t hoping for that.

What his time in Cleveland and Boston has shown is he needs someone, not to be The Guy. Irving’s main priority this summer should be to team up with another superstar who can be The Guy. Tomorrow is a mystery but all the buzz says no other superstar has Brooklyn on their mind. The Nets could make a satisfying offer to the Pelicans to get Anthony Davis, but the Celtics can offer much more so that can’t be it, either.

Irving would experience major on the court fit issues with D'Angelo Russell. Both need the ball in their hands and play far too similar brands of basketball. The two also have shown bizarre personality traits making the fit even that much less promising.

The only reasoning that resembles some sense for this wish is that he is looking to come for other than basketball reasons. He grew up a Nets fan, so there is that, I guess. But at this point in his career, and knowing how he handles losing, choosing a team that decreases his chances of winning is oh-so mind-boggling. Even joining the joke that is the Lakers is a better fit at this point. Irving has always been hard to figure out, and it appears he is getting harder.