Why Can't Dak Prescott Get DeShaun Watson's Contract?

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Today on Get Up, Mike Greenberg said that "dollar for dollar this is probably at this point the best contract any player in the NFL has," in regard to the contract extension DeShaun Watson just signed. Ryan Clark then said that Watson got the deal he was supposed to get because he earned it. Clark added that Dak Prescott wanted this deal, but was the wrong person to get it.

I just don't get it. Not that Watson did get the deal, but that Dak didn't. Watson is young and talented and the Texans clearly want to build around him. That's all fine and makes complete sense. But if Watson can get that deal, why can't Dak?

If you look at their resumes, the only major difference is that Prescott is two years older and has played one more season. Their per game stats are very close and they are both 1-2 in the playoffs. If you throw in Patrick Mahomes' numbers, they are both dwarfed, yet Watson is going to make more than Mahomes at various times while Prescott is stuck watching everyone else get paid.

Aside from a few spectacular highlights, has Watson really done that much more to help his team win over the last few seasons? Or is the key to Watson being paid so handsomely hidden in plain sight when Clark mentions that Bill O'Brien is the one who gave him this deal? If Bill O'Brien did the right thing, what does that mean the Cowboys are doing? These are the thoughts that must keep Dak Prescott up at night.