'Who Let the Dogs Out' Browns Music Video is Horrible

Browns who let the dogs out.
Browns who let the dogs out. /

You really hate to start off a day by judging someone else's hard work. It's certainly not something I relish doing on a Sunday morning. But after seeing this "Who Let the Dogs Out" parody video featuring the Browns, I had no choice. This needed to be criticized.

ESPN Steelers beat reporter Aditi Kinkhabwala provided a report from Pittsburgh today ahead of its showdown against the Browns. In her tweet promoting the report, she told users they have to stay for the music video. Intrigued, I did that very thing and was met with an unmitigated disaster.

I know this is one of those things where I say something smells bad and then ask you to smell it, but if I'm going down you're coming with me. Music video starts at 0:45 if you can't wait for pain.

In case you were wondering, yes, that is Browns coach Kevin Stefanski walking, from left to right, dog versions of Jarvis Landry, Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. When Stefanski releases the leash, all hell breaks loose, but not in a good way.

A lot of people spent a lot of time putting this video together, and perhaps there are still some fans of the Baha Men out there. But even 20 years after its initial release, this song is absolute trash. Trying to build the foundation of a parody music video on garbage is shaky at best and a dumpster fire at worst. This lands somewhere near the latter.

Don't let this video distract you from the fact that this is a critical game for the 4-1 Browns and 4-0 Steelers. They're fighting for divisional superiority along with the 4-1 Ravens. The winner of this game will also have a leg up in playoff positioning should that become an issue. It figures to be a hard-fought battle that will, at minimum, provided us with a brief respite from thinking of this video again and again as Beckham catches frisbees in his mouth -- I mean a football in his hands.