Who Has the Most Triple Doubles in NBA History?

Stephen Dunn/GettyImages

The NBA did not track triple doubles before the 1979-1980. Then rookie Magic Johnson started doing everything on the court and there needed to be a way to contextualize it. As time has gone on and offense has expanded, the feat has become more common and lost a bit of its cachè. But it's still damn impressive every time it happens.

Sixty-five players have recorded 10 or more triple doubles in their respective careers. Thirty have achieved at least 20. Eight of the top 15 in the category are currently active and adding to their totals, so this list of most career triple dips will look a lot differently in a few years. For now, though, here's how that list shakes out.

Most Triple Doubles in NBA History

10. Luka Dončic, 58

9. Larry Bird, 59

8. James Harden, 74

7. Wilt Chamberlain, 78

T5. Jason Kidd, 107

T5. LeBron James, 107

4. Nikola Jokić, 109

3. Magic Johnson, 138

2. Oscar Robertson, 181

1. Russell Westbrook, 198

Robertson and Westbrook are head and shoulders above everyone else, though Jokić has a decent chance to catch up if he stays healthy and productive for a few more seasons. These two wings are the only players to average a triple double for an entire season. Robertson did it first in 1961-62 and Westbrook has done it an astounding four times since 2016-17. In 2019 he set the mark for most consecutive times reaching double-figures in all three categories by doing it in 11 straight games.