Who Could Possibly Care About LeBron James Celebrating His Kid's Dunk Too Much?


I’ve examined my feelings and come to the conclusion that there’s some jealousy at play. Through the backlash and the backlash to the backlash and backlash to the backlash backlash over LeBron James’ exaggerated celebration at his son’s basketball game, I’ve waited with great anticipation for some sort of emotion to come to the surface. And yet … nothing.

While others are pinning their ears back and writing about how LeBron’s antics Say Something About Him and plead for a retroactive ejection from the game — which they didn’t even know was going on until this highlight emerged — an actual human twinge of rage or disappointment hasn’t materialized. I envy the people who are leading a rich and emotionally connected life and whose life is so good that they feel a parent supporting their kid with joy and passion must be legislated online.

Must be nice.

Look, do these people have a point? Maybe. James, for all his greatness, can be grating and all parents should be encouraged to stay off the damn court. But this cannot be the hill to die on here in the year 2019. There are multiple crimes of caring too much at play here.

First, James let his emotions get the best of him, went a bit overboard with his celebration and interrupted the game. That’s not great. It’s also a minute transgression borne out of a good place. Having parents who love and champion you is a good problem for a kid to have. James is there, engaged, and fiercely involved in his son’s successes and failures. It’s all you can ask for.

Secondly, people care — or at least are pretending to care — that he stepped a few feet out of the designed cheering section  — is weird. This, of course, doesn’t affect them and is small potatoes. A trivial moment thousands of miles away that wouldn’t previously have broken through to public consciousness. Now it’s a springboard for whatever prevailing negative opinion they have about James.

And finally, those rushing to James’ defense with capes and swords are coming from an understandable position but the guy really doesn’t need it. Throw a dart at anything on the internet and you’ll find a more important institution to defend. Engaging the semi-serious, perhaps not-at-all hot takers only makes them stronger.

So, yeah, that’s an admission. I feel nothing on this one and cannot get to an empathetic place where I understand those who do. It’s important, as a blogger, to admit this from time to time.

It’d be great to experience this part of life’s rich tapestry but the emotions just aren’t coming.