White House Reporter Asks If Joe Biden is 'Woke' In Funniest Possible Way

Alex Wong/GettyImages

They are still doing White House Press briefings even though press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre likely wouldn't tell us if those things America keeps shooting down contain any aliens. And the assembled reporting corps continue to have their eyes directly on the ball as evidenced yesterday by James Rosen of Newsmax asking if President Joe Biden is "woke" in the funniest possible way.

That way included affecting the demeanor of someone from the Gilded Age who built a time machine specifically to exists in this moment and have all of his colleagues roll their eyes either physically or metaphorically.

"... if we couldn't begin with a threshold question," Rosen began, with the confidence of someone reading the recently codified Marquees of Queensberry rules to the town square. "To wit, is President Biden 'woke'?"

The chin drop. The head bob. The faintly perceptible shudder as he said "woke." All of it was better than an assembled team of expert physical comedians could have blocked.

Jean-Pierre said something pretty boring about trivial things like Social Security and Medicare, apparently proving that Rosen had gotten the better of the exchange and gleaned some hard-fought answers for the American public.

I think I speak for all of us in saying that we absolutely need to keep hearing from this guy. If he can craft something this amazing, he can do it again. Let's get those ratings back up to where they were in the Sean Spicer era.