While Everyone Was Watching Game of Thrones Jacob deGrom Got Shelled Again


Sunday night brought the world the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere, and everyone rejoiced. Almost two years in the making, the hype was through the roof for the most popular show in the world. Whether or not it lived up to that hype is a matter to be debated until next Sunday’s episode, but it’s safe to say that fans everywhere are just happy it’s back.

The premiere also distracted everyone from the fact that Jacob deGrom had his second bad start in a row and got smacked around to the tune of three runs, five hits, and four walks in five innings against the Braves. Not exactly what you’re looking for from your $137 million man if you’re the Mets. Everyone has bad days, but deGrom’s previous start ended with six runs and eight hits given up in four innings. It has to be a little worrying for Mets fans.

Of course, in DeGrom’s last start prior to this “slump”, we saw him strike out 14 and give up three hits for no runs in seven innings. It’s a bit early to get concerned over DeGrom. But it is certainly a development to keep an eye on as the Mets try to build off a hot start and we all get ready for next week’s episode.