Which Quarterback Prospects Have the Biggest, Beefiest Paws?


This morning, the serious football minds at the Senior Bowl broke out the trusty measuring device, had top quarterback prospects put ’em on the glass, and got down to the business of sizing up. Always a magical day.

Folks, without further ado and after much anticipation, here are your first body part measurements of the draft cycle.

"Drew Lock: 9 inches Trace McSorley: 9 1/8 Ryan Finley: 9 3/8 Jarrett Stidham: 9 3/8 Will Grier: 9 1/2 Daniel Jones: 9 3/4 Tyree Jackson: 10 Gardner Minshew: 10 1/4"

Always a rush to see these numbers come in. Like watching the Powerball for a very weird group of people.

First and foremost, let’s congratulate Minshew, the Washington State product, on his prodigious mitt. Guy could play right field with that thing. Probably got that way from all the mustache grooming.

A lot will be made about Lock’s smallish hands. Many will continue to wonder if a person with 9-inch paws can even hold a football. Thankfully, that research has been done by a very handsome 9-inch hand-ed man.

The answer is yeah. They can. For instance, Jared Goff has 9-inch hands. Ever heard of him? Yeah, he’ll be in the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes are 1/4 inch wider and did pretty well this year.

Anyway, a nation now awaits the blessed day other future NFL quarterbacks stretch those throwing devices out, praying they aren’t the smallest.