Where Is Tottenham? What is a Hotspur? What is COYS?

The Big Lead

The Tottenham Hotspur are playing for a Champions League title against Liverpool. Their surprise run to the final has been delightful to enjoy. The bandwagon is growing, but there’s always room for more. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about the franchise.

Where is Tottenham?

Tottenham is a district on North London, England. The Hotspur are one of five London-area teams that play in the Premier League.

What is a Hotspur?

A hotspur refers to a skilled horse-rider. The term was most famously used in regards to Henry Percy, a 15th Century knight who was known for his impetuous nature. Percy led a revolution against the crown, which failed.

What is COYS?

COYS is an acronym for Come On You Spurs. Makes sense.