Where Are the Deadspin Writers Now?

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Deadspin briefly lived again over Super Bowl weekend as many of the former writers got together for a pop-up blog aptly titled Unnamed Temporary Sports Blog. Now that they've scattered again, we've compiled a list of their current online locations - if known - below.

Where Are the Deadspin Writers Now?

Drew Magary

Columnist at GEN, @drewmagary

Albert Burneko

Freelancer, @albertburneko

Luis Paez-Pumar

Freelancer, @lppny

Kelsey McKinney

Will publish her debut novel, GOD SPARE THE GIRLS in 2021, @mckinneykelsey

Diana Moskovitz

Investigative Journalist, @dianamoskovitz

Chris Thompson

Freelancer, @madbastardsall

Dom Cosentino

The Score, @domcosentino

Laura Wagner

Vice, @laurawags

Patrick Redford

Freelancer, @redford

Megan Greenwell

Editor at Wired, @megreenwell

Gabe Fernandez

CBS Sports, @thelatinochild

Tim Marchman

Vice, @timmarchman

Giri Nathan

Freelancer, @girinathan

Parts Unknown

Barry Petchesky (@barry), Tom Ley (@toley88), Dan McQuiad (@dhm), Lauren Theisen (@theisen95), Samer Kalef (@samer), Billy Haisley, Greg Howard.

You can also follow @UnDeadspin.