When Tom Brady Wants a Treat, He Gets Avocado Ice Cream


New York Times had a lengthy profile of Tom Brady–which if you can make it past more than 600 words of the author primarily talking about himself and being a Pats fan–starts before this season and continuing through the press conference on deflated balls.

The mysterious star of the piece is Alex Guerrero, described as Brady’s best friend, training guru, “body coach”, nutritional adviser, and spiritual guide.

"I asked Guerrero at one point if Brady is ever allowed to eat a cheeseburger. “Yes, we have treats,” he said. “We make them.” Like what? “Usually raw desserts, like raw macaroons.” Ice cream made from avocado is another favorite, Guerrero said."

No wonder Brady once exclaimed when describing frozen margaritas: “oh my God!” If your occasional special treat is avocado ice cream, a margarita has to be on a whole other level.

Some other random nuggets scattered in the piece:

  • Brady says “babe” and “awesome” a lot. He calls the nanny “babe.”
  • Owner Robert Kraft describes Brady as “physically very handsome, but as a human being he’s more beautiful” . . . “like a fifth son to me”.
  • Brady believes that if he trained like everyone else–without Guerrero’s unusual methods–he would be out of the league, and that ageism is part of the established system.
  • Brady’s dad, who calls himself the original Tom Brady, thinks it will end badly in New England because that’s the nature of the business, and Brady wants to play until he is 70.
  • Pretty much like any dude, after Brady moved into a new mansion in Brookline, he has no idea where any of his old sports awards and memorabilia got to, and doesn’t have much input into decorating.
  • Brady answered the door to his mansion while wearing Uggs, called the view of the back of the house “Zen-like”, and then dropped some profanity when his dog nearly tripped him.

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