When Kansas City's Chris Getz Reaches First This Season, Base Coach Rusty Kuntz Will Be There to Greet Him

Stephen Douglas

Whenever Royals’ second baseman Chris Getz reaches first this sesaon, he will be greeted by first base coach Rusty Kuntz. Sometimes, the first baseman will stand where Paul Konerko was standing during the 3rd inning of Wednesday’s White Sox – Royals game. When that happens and the camera catches the players and coach in just the right spots, you will see screengrabs like this one. For those of you who are fans of sophomoric humor, Getz bats 9th for the Royals and has a career OBP of .313. [h/t Happy]

UPDATE: Coincidences like the Konerko, Getz, Kuntz combination are rare, but not unprecedented. Just over a year ago Mississippi had a bench consisting of Short, White, Cox. Many years before that, West Virginia had Dingle & Berry on the sideline. We will patiently await Chris Getz next stop at first.