Shocking 'Wheel of Fortune' Miss Leaves Audience Stunned


We've all had brain locks before where an obvious answer eludes our grasp. It's something every human has experienced and can relate to. So have pity on Monday night's Wheel of Fortune contestant Khushi, who gave one of the worst answers in show history. It's OK Khushi, we've all been there.

Midway through the show, she had command of the wheel and correctly asked for an H. At that point the following was on the board:

She opted to spin, landed on a safe spot and was asked for a letter. She asked for a G and the audience audibly gasped, while one woman actually yelped.

Here's video:

The next contestant, Juliana solved the puzzle, because of course she did, and host Pat Sajak kindly offered some cover for Khushi.

Look, I get that sometimes words escape you. No question, that definitely happens. The issue here is that S is one of the most commonly used letters. On the final puzzle, Wheel of Fortune gives contestants R-S-T-L-N-E ahead of time. In this puzzle, R, T, L and E have all been used. The S is sitting right there.

Again, sometimes the correct answer just eludes you. And it can often make for great television.