What the Hell Were the Jaguars, Bills and Titans Doing in the NFL Draft?


Help me out here – the Jaguars, who have terrible offensive skill players and an improving but far-from-ready defense, go out and draft a QB 3rd overall that they don’t plan on playing for the first season? On the radio this morning, new coach Gus Bradley said that the plan was to start Chad Henne and let Blake Bortles learn on the sideline. That almost never works. [Ed. That’s because so few teams can actually adhere to keeping the top pick on the bench. If you’re winning, yes, you can sit Aaron Rodgers. When the Jags are 0-3 and Henne is playing terribly … good luck keeping Bortles on the bench.] Henne’s had shoulder and knee injuries in the past, and with no threats at receiver, expect defenses to come after him all season long.

It’ll be a miracle if the Jaguars aren’t picking in the Top 7 in the 2015 draft.

Help me out here – the Buffalo Bills already had a track team, so they decided to trade up – giving up a 2015 1st and 4th – to get a speedy 6-foot-1 receiver? Do they think Watkins will be Julio Jones? I love Watkins. Loved his toughness, speed, ability … but again, all the metrics – 40, vertical, etc – say that his comps are Donte Stallworth and Torrey Smith. Are any of those worth an extra No. 1 pick? If Buffalo doesn’t make the playoffs – as of now, I don’t think they will – the Browns are looking at a Top 15 pick next year in addition to their own pick.

Help me out here – the Tennessee Titans are deficient just about everywhere, lost their best defensive back, don’t have a QB, and yet went with … Taylor Lewan in the draft? Lewan is a mountain of a man, and hopefully will keep QB Jake Locker upright and healthy. But the Titans really need to slay the next few rounds because this team has 3-4 wins written all over it. The running backs are Shonn Green and Leon Washington, two former Jets who were last serviceable a few years ago. I’m a Ken Whisenhunt fan, but it’ll be interesting to see if he can salvage something here. Carlos Hyde with the 10th pick of the 2nd round would be a start.

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