What The Bills Are Doing To Nathan Peterman Is Kinda Mean


It is plainly obvious to everyone that Nathan Peterman does not have the competence to play quarterback in the NFL. Maybe he will develop that competence and maybe he won’t, but willfully putting him into a game under present conditions is both coaching malpractice and, like, kinda mean.

The Buffalo Bills have turned an innocent 24-year-old man into the laughing stock of the league. A guy who has done nothing but accept the opportunities offered to him and try his best is getting roasted nationwide — and it’s not his fault. It’s the Bills’.

Here’s Barstool saying Peterman stinks like nobody has ever stunk before.

Here’s SB Nation saying it loves Peterman specifically because he stinks.

Here’s Slate saying Peterman stinks so bad it’s actually art.

Here is our site discussing the worst week 1 starters ever and Nathan Peterman’s place in history.

This is a guy making $555,000 this year. A quarterback making less than a good surgeon should never be the Week 1 starter for anybody. Not even the Buffalo Bills.

But it gets worse. This sad affair — which is even sadder now that Josh Allen is injured — is not only ruining a man for no good reason, it’s created a terrible situation for Peterman’s teammates, who keep getting asked about Peterman, and have to pretend they can’t see what is obvious to the whole world.

"HOUSTON — LeSean McCoy shook his head, pursed his lips and took six seconds to find the words to answer a question Sunday about how much remaining confidence the Buffalo Bills‘ offense had in quarterback Nathan Peterman. “I still have a lot of confidence in him,” McCoy eventually said. “We just gotta play better for him, make plays [and] make it easier for him to build some confidence within himself.”"

That story, from ESPN, declares the Bills’ support of Peterman to be “absurd,” and even in a world of casual overstatement, that’s a pretty good word for it.

Reports are, the Bills are “losing the locker room” by continuing to put Peterman out there, and this week might start Derek Anderson, whom they signed eight days ago.

That would be a good idea.

And if the Bills really like Peterman as much as it appears, they need to let him play quarterback on the practice squad for the rest of this year and get a feel for this whole thing before throwing him into the ocean again.