What's Wrong With Odell Beckham Jr.?

Brian Giuffra

Has Odell Beckham Jr. lost his mind? In the span of less than two hours, he compromised LSU player's eligibility, put the football program he loves in a position where it was caught lying and committed potential battery on a police officer. (Update: New Orleans PD issued a simple battery warrant for Beckham.)

Not sure what planet he's living on, but it's clear he doesn't care about anyone or anything other than whatever's going on in his mind at that moment.

Let's start with him giving out money to LSU players on the field after the game. What was the purpose? To showcase how rich he is? To prove a point to the NCAA? To reward certain LSU players for winning a title? Whatever the reason, he put them and the school in an awkward position.

For the student-athletes, accepting money based on performance is illegal and can result in a player being ruled ineligible. The video in question shows him giving money to LSU wide receiver Justin Jefferson, who just declared for the NFL Draft, so his eligibility isn't really an issue. But now LSU is cleaning up the mess Beckham created.

After the incident was caught on camera and distributed around social media, LSU released an initial statement saying the money was fake. Not sure if Beckham or Jefferson or someone else told them that, but it was clear the money wasn't fake to anyone with two eyes and Joe Burrow confirmed as much in an interview this week. LSU was forced to admit its initial statement was, in fact, incorrect and they're now investigating to make sure they and their players are complying with NCAA rules. Not great.

Somehow Beckham's weird night didn't end there. In the postgame locker room celebration, LSU players were smoking cigars, though smoking is illegal inside the Superdome. Cops were sent in to stop the smokers. While one of them was speaking to a player about putting out the cigar, Odell smacked the cop on the ass. The cop, surprisingly, didn't even really address the incident. However, that is assault and Beckham could have been arrested on the spot. If you need an example of that happening, a man was arrested in December when he smacked a reporter's butt during a run. So yeah, there's precedent for arrest at minimum.

It was a bizarre evening for Beckham to say the least, which follows a trend we've seen from him throughout his professional career. Whether it was his Miami boat party the week leading up to the only playoff game he's ever played in, the sideline incidents with the kicker's net, the trade demands or the complaints, Beckham certainly hasn't presented himself in the best way.

Beckham counters by saying he cares about football and winning more than anything. While that may be true, and he certainly seems to put the work in to be great, that's only part of the equation. What you do off the field or out of the weight room matters just as much what you do on the field in this hyper-sensitive, hyper-aware world. Beckham's latest activities on that platform are not only another bad look, they put others in a compromised position as well. Not great.