What Numbers Will LeBron James and Anthony Davis Wear for the Lakers Next Season?


LeBron James and Anthony Davis will be teammates in Los Angeles next year after the Lakers sent a haul of young players and picks to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Davis’ services. There are plenty of questions about how the two will fit together, but their skill sets match together very well. The biggest question concerns the numbers on their backs.

Davis wore 23 for his entire six-year career in New Orleans, while James has worn 23 for every season he wasn’t in Miami. Who will wear what number?

Why can’t LeBron James give Anthony Davis his number?

Shortly after the trade went down, reports out of L.A. suggested James was going to nip this problem in the bud and wanted to give Davis his 23, while he would presumably move back to No. 6, the number he donned in Miami. However, the news broke yesterday James would continue to wear 23 next season; Chris Haynes from Yahoo! Sports explained the deadline for changing jersey numbers was on March 15, and Nike (the jersey provider of the NBA) would have suffered a rather hefty financial loss after already producing hundreds of thousands of James 23 jerseys.

What number will LeBron James wear next season?

LeBron will wear No. 23 next season for the Lakers. While he surely would have liked to give his new teammate his old number, it will have to wait until next season if he still wants to follow through.

What number will Anthony Davis wear next season?

Davis will wear No. 3 for the Lakers next season, per his Instagram account. He wore the number back in elementary school.

The 23-to-3 alley-oops will be plentiful next season.