What Does Cersei's Reaction to Euron Mean for Her Alleged Pregnancy? Two Options Exist

Bobby Burack

*The following discusses the events that took place in season 8, episode 1 of Game of Thrones.

One of the biggest questions coming out of the season premiere of Game of Thrones involves the mysterious pregnancy of Cersei Lannister. She told Jamie she was after her other brother Tyrion figured it out. But even with all that, we don’t know if this is true, a plan, or a thing of the past. And clearly, the word of Cersei doesn’t mean much at all. We did perhaps get a little clue this past Sunday in her scene with Euron Greyjoy.

After Euron got what he wanted, he told Cersei he was going to put a prince in her belly. This led to a very interesting and confusing reaction from the Queen. At first, she smirked, but then, and where this really became compelling, she begins to tear up. Check the 4:22 mark:

Two things come to mind based on those few seconds after hearing what Euron wants to do.

One is that she could have had a miscarriage. That would explain the emotional reaction as this moment served as a reminder to her. This would fit given there is just a limited amount of episodes remaining. With only five left, there is no time for her to have a baby and create a storyline around it. A miscarriage solves that and it also makes sense of why she seems so okay with the White Walkers likely getting their way. Responding with “good” upon hearing the news doesn’t fit someone who has “something to live for now,” as Tyrion says.

The other option is more about the smile. Sleeping with Euron opens it up for Cersei to tell everyone her baby is Euron’s and not her brother Jaime’s. I never bought into the fact she would be okay with telling people Jaime was the father, even though she said she would be in season 7. Telling the other version of the story, a la what she did to Robert, would be the most Cersei thing to do. It also seemingly would keep Euron loyal to her.

This theory doesn’t exactly explain the tears, though. Unless it meant she realized that her plan this time will not include Jaime, and that she is now all alone in this. As wicked and murderous as Cersei is, it would be a good bet at some point we see her emotionally regretting her actions that pushed him away. Mark me down for her stopping someone from killing both Jaime and Tyrion later in the season.

Surely, we will get more hints on just what all this means. There are five episodes left and similarly to how the final season of The Leftovers began, we right now know nothing.