WFT GM Bruce Allen and NFL Lawyer Jeff Pash Had Multiple Emails About Hooters

NFL Lockout Looms As Negotiations Reach Final Day
NFL Lockout Looms As Negotiations Reach Final Day / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The New York Times published their latest story about the Washington Football Team emails on Thursday. In this episode, we learn that Jeff Pash, the NFL's top lawyer and "a top adviser to Commissioner Roger Goodell" had a very friendly relationship with former WFT general manager Bruce Allen. One of their shared interests appear to be Hooters. Specifically, the one at FedEx Field. Via the NYT:

They joked about Hooters, the restaurant chain known for the skimpy outfits of its wait staff, and about Allen’s pull with the company, which was co-founded by his friend Edward C. Droste.

Just want to point out that is a fine NYT description of Hooters, but it's disappointing they didn't put "breastaurant" in there. More from the story:

“PS — The Hooters at Fedex Field has been reserved for the post game celebration,” Allen wrote to Pash in 2011 after the general counsel and his legal team fought the players union in court during a lockout of its members.

A year later, when the league penalized Washington and Dallas for violating league spending limits, Allen asked to speak with Pash. “Still talking internally about this,” Pash replied. “I am not making any promises as to an outcome. But I can assure you that I am not blowing you off.”

After Allen thanked him, Pash added: “We may not see this the same way. But that does not change my respect or affection for you. After all, nobody else has ever given me a Hooters VIP card.”

There is nothing funnier than rich white guys discussing Hooters. Or the fact that it seems like the WFT GM gave the NFL's lead counsel a Hooters VIP card. While that may seem questionable from a legal or even ethical standpoint, it is totally cool under the Bro Code. Good luck finding a court in America that will overturn Dudes Rock.