Wes Welker and Miles Austin Probably Had Fun at Playboy Mansion Last Weekend


Why is Bode Miller wearing a onesie? There was a pajama party Saturday night, which also explains Wes Welker’s robe. And no, there’s no hint of a romance between Welker and Dupre. He’s dating this Hooters girl, remember? No word on Welker’s knee or rotator cuff.

Has everyone grasped the quality of sporting events starting Saturday? Final Four. Easter. (Non-sporting event, but still very good.) Opening Day (night game). National Title game. Tiger at Augusta. Opening Day. Final 10 days of the NBA regular season. Early-entry draft decisions.

Mock the Pointer Sisters all you want, but don’t act like this song isn’t the jam. It comes on at a party and you’re feeling it. Our earliest memory of it? Hearing it at the Forum during a Lakers-Knicks game around 1984.