Week 6 NFL Predictions and Picks Against the Spread

Josh Allen goes airborne
Josh Allen goes airborne / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Week 6 is here! In the picks department, we steadied out from a brutal Week 4 but still didn't get back to positive in Week 5, going 7-7 on the week. Fairly impressive considering that's only two pushes out of 16 picks, but not quite where we want to be.

That's why this week is for getting back on track, much like it is for Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs team. Here are our Week 6 picks ATS (all odds via WynnBet).

NFL Predictions Week 6

BUCS (-7) over EAGLES

Jalen Hurts squeezed out another win this week but we're beginning to have more and more questions about his ability to throw the ball. Much like Jacoby Brissett, his skillset is not particularly suited to picking on an injured Bucs secondary. Tom Brady, meanwhile, never forgets a Super Bowl loss and will smack around Philly's defense for the fun of it. Bucs 31, Eagles 17


This is a game people will be watching? Good lord. Miami got destroyed by a vengeful Brady last week and the Jaguars made some progress. We're saying the Fins do enough to eke out a win but the Jags keep it close enough for Urban Meyer to get crushed and reconsider all this again. Dolphins 20, Jaguars 18

PACKERS (-4.5) over BEARS

The Packers looked extremely mortal against the Bengals last week (field goal problems aside) and Justin Fields put together another decent game. But Aaron Rodgers hates the Bears like few other organizations in the NFL and will dominate. Packers 34, Bears 20


Cincy should feel encouraged about hanging with Rodgers while the Lions once again had their hopes shattered by a last-second field goal. Dan Campbell might cry after this one, too. Bengals 30, Lions 15

TEXANS (+10) over COLTS

That is a very substantial line for an average Colts team and a Texans team that showed some real spunk against the Patriots. Davis Mills is not a franchise quarterback but it feels like Houston knows what they have to do in order to at least keep games competitive, which will not lead to a win. A cover, though? Colts 22, Texans 13

RAMS (-10.5) over GIANTS

The Giants somehow lost their starting quarterback, running back, and No. 1 receiver in the first half against the Cowboys last week. Even if Daniel Jones recovers to play LA, the Giants are in shambles with their injury situation. The Rams won't have an easier win this year. Rams 31, Giants 10


Patrick Mahomes has to come around at some point. There's no better chance to do that than against a league-worst secondary in Washington. Taylor Heinicke will move the ball but KC will make it look all too easy. Chiefs 40, Washington 24


Though the Sam Darnold hype train has wobbled a bit on the tracks recently, the Carolina defense has remained formidible, allowing the second-fewest points and yards per game. Kirk Cousins has helpfully cut down on his turnovers but Minnesota is a miracle against Detroit away from being 1-4 and completely helpless. We're looking at the real possibility of the lowest-scoring NFL game of the year right here. Panthers 10, Vikings 7


Last week on the podcast, a bold claim was made. It feels less bold now as week after week Justin Herbert goes out there and lights the world on fire, unblinking in the eye of pressure. It is not unreasonable to think he could be playing and winning a Super Bowl this year. Not convinced? A trip to Baltimore to outduel another champion in Lamar Jackson will go a long way in changing that. Chargers 34, Ravens 27


What's most impressive about Arizona's undefeated start is that three of those victories have come on the road. They can't keep a clean sheet away from home forever, can they? Even if Kyler Murray looks like a totally different player destined for greatness. Baker Mayfield just posted 42 in a losing effort and desperately needs a better effort from his defense, which is certainly capable. Banking on a few key turnovers to build too steep a hill for the Cardinals to climb. Browns 30, Cardinals 21


Simply cannot pick Las Vegas on principle, not with the Jon Gruden fiasco swirling around and overturning all status quo. Broncos 22, Raiders 17


They're calling this one the Guess The Lines Bowl around my condo and the marquee matchup gives Bill Belichick another chance at getting back in the winner's circle after Tom Brady went in there and pushed him around. Dak Prescott has looked every bit the player the Cowboys need him to be and the Dallas offense is absolutely humming. Somehow, some way, though, the Pats will figure out a way to halve the 34 points game big D is averaging and squeak by with a season-saving and defining victory. Patriots 21, Cowboys 17


Be completely honest. Did you know that Geno Smith was still in the league before he trotted out there to relieve Russell Wilson and a messed-up finger? Sure, he looked perfectly competent in a small sample size but a full week of gameplanning should give Pittsburgh a decent shot of finding an easy win. Steelers 25, Seahawks 14

TITANS (+5.5) over BILLS

Buffalo is scoring the most points per game and allowing the fewest. That's a really good combination. Meanwhile, the Titans have yet to round into form. Call it a Kansas City turnover or a testament to parity, but we really think Tennessee makes this a 60-minute game. Take all that free candy. Bills 33, Titans 30