WEEI Listener Pranks Boston Herald Into Running Apparently Fake Tom Brady Story

Kyle Koster

On Thursday afternoon, Jimmy Garoppolo was awarded the biggest contract in NFL history. On Thursday night, the Boston Herald ran a story by Ron Borges headlined “Tom Brady wants to get paid like Jimmy G, or he’ll skip OTAs.” Borges cited “sources.”

"According to sources close to the league’s Most Valuable Player, Brady is ready to sit out all of this year’s offseason organized team activities unless he receives a contract extension that carries with it up-front money similar to what his former protege, Jimmy Garoppolo, will receive from the San Francisco 49ers. Garoppolo yesterday signed a five-year, $137.4 million deal with $74 million guaranteed."

All hell has broken loose this morning as WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan allege one of those sources is “Nick in Boston” posting as Brady’s agent Don Yee.

The Herald has pulled the column down since the revelation. Sports editor Sean Leahy told Pro Football Talk that the paper is “looking into it.”

Things don’t look good for Borges. How a credible second source could back-up a prank with no grounding in reality is difficult to understand.

Stay tuned.