Web.com Golfer Who Lost 32 Balls During Tournament Cards Decuple Bogey in His Next Event

By Michael Shamburger

For the second time this year Greg Eason has been the subject of a post for a disappointing reason. Eason, who said he lost 32 golf balls during the Web.com Tour’s Bahamas Great Exuma Classic, now has another unfortunate accomplishment to add to his resume.

Eason became the first player in Web.com Tour history to record a decuple bogey. If you aren’t sure what that is check out his scorecard below.

Yes, that is a 15.

Eason entered the 18th hole of the first round of the Great Abasco Classic at eight over par; he finished the round with 10 more strokes on his scorecard after making a 15 on the par-5 18th.

Eason’s current scoring average over the three rounds he’s played this season is 92!

Poor guy is really going to hate playing in the Bahamas.