The Bowl Game: But We Were Told Stephen Curry Couldn't Shoot

Al Bello/GettyImages

But I was told Stephen Curry couldn't shoot. * Spike Lee. All those years at New York Knicks games. Glutton for punishment. * Kevin Durant is second in the NBA in minutes played. Make no mistake about it: the Brooklyn Nets are his team. About those Nets: they defeated the Toronto Raptors in overtime last night despite only having eight players available. Extremely impressive. Although, that's nearly 11 once you factor in the exchange rate. * Finally watched Citizen Kane. So that's what all the fuss is about. * Back to Spike Lee. Is it at all possible he's living at Madison Square Garden? * Tom Brady is a heavy favorite to win the NFL MVP. He's 44. Also 44? Colin Hanks, Danny McBride and My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way. And I'm pretty sure Brady could make the playoffs with those guys as his receiving corps. *

Loaded up the homepage and all the top headlines are COVID-related. Not a good sign. It certainly feels like we're shifting into another stage of this pandemic and it's bound to be a more difficult one. * The New Orleans Saints should let Kevin James coach a game. Could be the only way to get less Taysom Hill. * Is there a single person on Earth who knows Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, but somehow is unfamiliar with the most famous reindeer of all? * J.J. Redick: The Stephen A. Smith Stopper. * Pete Davidson was courtside for Stephen Curry's historic three-pointer. Guy keeps winning. Don't know what his secret is, but I need to know. * Words of Chizdom: Gene is watching the wrong pockets. * Zucchini bread is something that sounds awful in theory yet tastes amazing in practice. * Kyrie Irving is the Aaron Rodgers of the NBA. Has Colin Cowherd done that one yet? *

National Signing Day is here. Biggest day on the fax machine calendar. * Sergio Aguero is retiring from soccer, citing heart problems. No one is more responsible for the Premier League's popularity in America. * There's just a different energy in the air whenever Todd McShay releases a mock draft. * Fashion trend to keep an eye on: turtlenecks are back. * Just when Penny Hardaway's team looks hopelessly lost they go and do something like that. * Nevada's Carson Strong announced he'll skip the Quick Lane Bowl and enter the NFL draft. Haven't fans of football in Detroit suffered enough? * The Bachelor isn't the same without Chris Harrison. Whole thing is leaking oil. Never a good sign when Bachelor in Paradise is the superior product. Fantasy suites. More like nightmare suites. * People sure are weird about Dell Curry's romantic pursuits. *

Kevin Durant vs. Skip Bayless: total mismatch. * Five most exciting words in sports: new tweet from Kevin Durant. * The definition of insanity is hiring Urban Meyer and not expecting him to be Urban Meyer. Something for Shad Khan to ponder as he twirls his mustache. * Know one thing about college basketball this year: you cannot, under any circumstances, leave Landers Nolley with an open look. Because he's going to make you pay for it. * How is it possible that the biggest star from The Office in the year 2021 is Brian Baumgartner? Guy is everywhere. * Michelle Tafoya may learn that gigs like the Sunday Night Football sidelines don't grow on trees. * The Toronto Maple Leafs have the best record in all of hockey. This could be the year. Or it could be just like every year since 1967. * Keep your eyes on the Memphis Grizzlies. Any team that plays its best ball without Ja Morant has something cooking. Don't know exactly what they're cooking, but it something. *

The less you know about a mall Santa, the better. * How can the Kars 4 Kids program possibly be safe? * Are we 100 percent sure Mac Jones isn't the kid from the Cracker Jack logo? * Starting to think Daniel Snyder is not the hero of this story. * MSNBC's nightly lineup: cannot tell the players without a scorecard. * Have just been informed what Pete Davidson's secret it is. Let's just say it's something that can't be taught. *