Watch Jameis Winston Playing Quarterback as an Eleven Year Old

By Jason Lisk

Want to see what a Heisman candidate looked like playing football as an eleven year old? Here is Jameis Winston (#12 in the video) of Hoover, Alabama, and now Florida State, playing on the same team as Auburn outfielder Sam Gilliken (#11)  (h/t: Tomahawk Nation)

There are several impressive things here. Honestly, the mere distance on the deep throws may be among the least of them. Throws traveling 25 to 30 yards in the air are not uncommon in flag football at a similar age. What is even more impressive? This is coming in a tackle game where most offenses are very basic when it comes to the passing game, and the quarterback has to worry about protection. His form is perfect, the ball is high, and the release is smooth. Just as impressive, his short throws and hanging in the pocket. Finally, at the 5:20 mark, the throw is nice. Even better, though, is the quarterback play at a young age, the footwork, and influencing the defense with the shoulder fake.

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