WATCH: Eagles Fans Throw Full Beer Cans At Vikings Fans Before NFC Title Game

Ryan Phillips

Philadelphia Eagles fans didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory on Sunday before the NFC Championship Game. Aside from starting the day by brawling with each other and the cops, they also harassed Minnesota Vikings fans who made the trek to Philly. That included throwing full beer cans at the visitors.

Check it out:

" Asshole Eagle fans — Andy (@AndyDessner) January 21, 2018 "

I’m not a lawyer, but I believe the technical term for that is “assault.”

Eagles fans also booed and taunted the visitors, though that’s pretty standard fan behavior:

" What’s it like to be a #Vikings fan inside the #Eagles tailgate? *Sound up* I followed a few fans in purple. @kare11 — Ryan Shaver (@RShaverSports) January 21, 2018 "

That’s acceptable. But throwing full cans of beer at opposing fans is not only dangerous, it’s also a waste of beer. Two cardinal sins.