WATCH: Dean Spanos Heckled During Awful Los Angeles Chargers "Kickoff Event"

Ryan Phillips

Dean Spanos has been ripped mercilessly since his decision to move the Chargers to Los Angeles became public last week. That continued on Wednesday during the Chargers “kickoff event” at The Forum in Inglewood. Unfortunately for Spanos, he couldn’t even get through his prepared remarks without being brutally heckled by an attendee.

A man in the front row of the event ripped Spanos for moving the team out of San Diego, echoing many of the sentiments of disgust expressed by the public over the past week. Much to the dismay of everyone associated with the Chargers organization, any attempts to drown out the protester failed thanks to the less than boisterous crowd of “supporters.”

Here’s another look at the incident:

The “LA Chargers” chant is hilarious for how quiet it is. Apparently the three dozen or so fans in attendance couldn’t muster enough sound to drown out one guy. Seriously, look at this “crowd”:

When was the last time a sports franchise moved to a new city and had this little juice behind it. Seriously, I can’t think of a single time this has happened. No one wants the Chargers in Los Angeles and it shows.

Here’s a blow-by-blow of the heckling incident:

The entire event seems to have been a complete disaster. Here are some other highlights:

Something you need to know for the next section of tweets: off the field, Philip Rivers is never not smiling or enthusiastic. The man is the NFL’s version of this corgi. So it’s odd that he wasn’t exactly thrilled at this whole event.

All of them look thrilled….

And, of course, Spanos avoided the media on his way out:

Since slinking out of town a week ago the Chargers have refused all interview requests from San Diego outlets. A real stand-up guy that Dean Spanos.