Watch Christian McCaffrey Play the Harmonica Parts in 'Piano Man'


You’re thinking this is going to be some kind of screwball thing where the athlete is going to be goofing around, too cool to let the pain in his heart out into the world through the earnest blowing of a harmonica. But you clicked anyway because you find any rendition of “Piano Man” to be utterly un-missable.

You’re right about the song, but you’re wrong about the athlete. What you are about to watch is Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey doing a doggone good job of playing the harmonica parts in Billy Joel’s 1973 classic, “Piano Man.”

“Piano Man” and “Georgia on My Mind” are really the only songs any amateur American harmonica player will ever need to know, and McCaffrey looks like he’s got it down. Meaning maybe now he get to work on that “real estate novel.”