Watch a Bunch of Chicagoans Kick Very Bad 43-Yard Field Goals

Kyle Koster

It’s an odd time to be alive. Cody Parkey, the Chicago Bears kicker who missed a pivotal field goal against Philadelphia last week, is taking heat for speaking on his firsthand experience on the Today Show. Meanwhile, Goose Island, one of the finest breweries in the 312, is a week later still using the bit of civic disappointment to drive engagement and sales.

The Goose Island Challenge allows amateur athletes and still-mad Bears fans a chance to win free beer for a year by doing what Parkey couldn’t: kick a 43-yard-field goal in the elements. Capitalism rules.

Let’s check in on the early results.

Nope. That one didn’t quite have the distance. Neither will this one.

A livestream of the nonsense is available and magnificent.

Truly inspiring to see a community take to the streets and join in miserable, embarrassing solidarity with a local hero.