Brawl Breaks Out At Waste Management Phoenix Open

WM Phoenix Open - Round Three
WM Phoenix Open - Round Three / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is known for its rowdy fan behavior and the 2024 edition of the tournament has been no different. On Sunday, a brawl broke out among fans and it got pretty violent.

Check this out:

Sadly, this is not at all uncommon for that tournament. Over the years, organizers have almost encouraged fans to turn the weekend into a massive party, especially on the 16th hole. Tournament-goers consume mass amounts of alcohol and act foolishly. The Phoenix Open regularly gets incidents like this or the guy diving into a bunker on Saturday.

I mean, what is this, a LIV Golf event? Get it together PGA Tour.

I do think the looser nature of the behavior at the Phoenix Open was a good way to get casual fans to show up and enjoy an event like this. Unfortunately, things have deteriorated over the years and it seems the players are finally getting fed up with these shenanigans.