Washington State's Shalom Luani Allegedly Broke Someone's Nose Outside Domino's Because His Pizza Was Taking Too Long

Stephen Douglas

Shalom Luani, a senior defensive back at Washington State, was arrested early Wednesday morning after an incident at a Domino’s Pizza. According to Pullman Radio, Luani was apparently upset because his order was taking too long. The manager offered his money back, but he refused to leave. Other people got involved and Luani eventually went outside and allegedly punched a guy, breaking his nose. He was charged with felony second degree assault.

Luani started 13 games for the Cougars in 2015 and earned All Pac-12 honorable mention honors.

UPDATE: Via the Spokesman-Review:

"“Luani was very frustrated with the two-hour wait for his pizza and became disorderly, yelling at management and other customers,” Tennant said. Tennant said that Luani struck the victim under the chin, forcing his head back against the entrance door. The two went outside and a fight started. When officers arrived the victim was “bleeding profusely.” Officers believe there may be a second victim as well.”"