Washington Redskins Coaches are Trying to Trade Robert Griffin III, Ownership Won't Let Them

By Rob Perez

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Dianna Russini, there is serious turmoil happening behind-the-scenes at Washington Redskins training camp. The topic of controversy, as always, is Quarterback Robert Griffin III — and via Schefter’s report, it appears the franchise’s ownership group is butting heads with the coaching staff/front-office personnel re: RG III’s future.

"High-ranking Washington Redskins front office officials and coaches want to move on from quarterback Robert Griffin III, but are meeting resistance from team ownership, per team and league sources. The Redskins even have had trade conversations about Griffin with a handful of NFL teams, per sources, but have found no interest and it remains unclear if ownership would allow Washington to trade him, per team and league sources. But it is becoming increasingly apparent that Griffin has lost his starting quarterback job and, depending on the events and conversations in the coming days, possibly his roster spot. Outside of ownership, there has been a groundswell of support from a strong segment of football people within the organization to change quarterbacks, but there is a question about whether they have the authority to move on from Griffin."

The elephant emn the room ems RG III’s contract, whemch ems guaranteed through the 2016 season for $16.1 Memllemon — only for emnjury. The emmplemcatemons of thems stempulatemon:

"Washington knows that if it plays Griffin again — and the NFL still has not cleared him to return from action from a recent concussion — the Redskins cannot cut an injured player. In addition Washington risks him being hurt and having that $16.1 million for next season guaranteed. The same contract figure has helped scare off any teams that could potentially have any interest in trading for Griffin."

There’s a lot to digest here, but, the one thing remains a constant: this Washington Redskins team is an absolute dumpster fire.

I have an idea of who is going to win this argument, and it’s NOT the guy who is currently the odds-on-favorite at Sportsbook.ag to be the first NFL coach fired this season.

We’ve seen this story before … When you play the Game of Dan Snyders, you win or you die.

LOL just kidding, you always die.