Washington is Tanking Dwayne Haskins' Trade Value Ahead of Imminent Move

Dwayne Haskins.
Dwayne Haskins. / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A report emerged today from Jason LaCanfora stating both Dwayne Haskins and the Washington Football Team believe the best course of action for the former No. 15 overall pick is for him to be traded. Immediately.

That makes sense considering Haskins just slid from QB1 to QB3 and didn't even get practice reps this week ahead of Washington practice squad quarterback Steven Montez.

The report paints a toxic relationship between Haskins and the first-year coaching regime that Ron Rivera heads, stating Rivera wasn't a fan of Haskins while he was the Panthers coach and still doesn't believe in him now. That's why a trade is expected to happen before the NFL trade deadline on Oct. 29.

The only issue with all of this is Rivera and Washington are torpedoing Haskins' trade value at a time when they should be trying to enhance it.

By making Haskins a healthy inactive scratch this week, Rivera is saying Haskins isn't even worth a roster spot on one of the worst rosters in the NFL. By starting Allen he's saying Allen, who went undrafted in 2018, is better than Haskins and gives Washington a better chance to win. By not giving Haskins practice reps, he's suggesting Haskins isn't worth the effort to further develop, but Montez is. It also paints an ugly picture of how Rivera's staff gets along with Haskins.

That's not the kind of buzz you want to generate around a guy you want to trade.

Instead of making Haskins the scapegoat, why not try and give him an opportunity to be the hero? He played decently in his last start against the Ravens, completing 71.1% of his passes for 314 yards. Why not let him try to do the same against the Giants and Cowboys in Week 6 and 7? Both of those defensive secondaries stink. Let Haskins go out and put up some big numbers and showcase that cannon arm of his. Maybe then you get a third-round pick instead of a fifth-round pick in a trade. It's not like this season matters to Washington anyway.

Things haven't looked great for Haskins all season, but the Washington Football Team isn't doing him or themselves any favors. They made a mistake by reaching for him at 15 in the draft, but now they're compounding that error by dragging him through the mud. It's too late to take back the damage they've done, but in a season where their team stinks and they're not doing anything meaningful, they should try and get as much value as they can for Haskins instead of making him look like the worst quarterback on a team with no good quarterbacks (no offense to Alex Smith, who used to be good, but hasn't played since his devastating leg injury).