Washington Fired Scot McCloughan And Is Already Smearing Him With Alcohol Claims

Ryan Phillips

Washington has finally fired general manager Scot McCloughan after more than a week of uncertainty. McCloughan wasn’t in attendance at the NFL Scouting Combine, and has reportedly been out of the loop in the team’s free agency plans. We don’t know why McCloughan was canned two years into a four-year contract but several storylines have emerged. One claiming he had an alcohol problem.

Here’s the statement team president Bruce Allen released:

"“The Washington Redskins have released Scot McCloughan from the organization effective immediately. We wish him success in his future endeavors. The team will have no further comment on his departure. The organization remains confident in our personnel department as we execute our free agency plans as well as prepare for the upcoming NFL Draft.”"

Then behind the scenes, Washington has already started smearing him. Here’s the first salvo:

But not everyone is buying that:

This was also pretty telling:

So either McCloughan was drinking again, or Allen and the team’s top brass really didn’t like him. Either way, the fact that Washington is leaking his alcohol issues is a clear shot at the team’s now-former GM. If the franchise really cared about his health, everyone involved would keep that quiet.

McCloughan is well-regarded around the league as a fantastic talent evaluator and he’s done a great job helping to rebuild Washington’s roster. His firing has to come as a huge shock to the players and staff who loved him.

On Thursday. Washington lost both Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson, while recently-franchised quarterback Kirk Cousins has reportedly asked for a trade.

So yeah, Washington is a mess of a franchise right now. What was old is new again.