Washington Commanders New Fight Song Debut Didn't Go Well

Washington Commanders
Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The Washington Commanders are just now wrapping up their complete rebranding after two years. One of the many things the franchise changed was the fight song, which obviously wasn't going to work once the old team name went out the window. The Commanders debuted the new song over the weekend during their preseason opener against the Carolina Panthers, and the reviews were ... mixed.

The team had two different versions of the song played during Saturday's game. One was a fairly regular-sounding fight song, but the fans struggled to sing along because Washington changed the original beat along with the lyrics.

But for some reason the Commanders also played a version of the fight song before the game that would have felt more at home in an opera house rather than a football game.

In fairness, it was always going to be hard to create something fresh that pleased the masses, but the franchise seemed to make this unnecessarily difficult. No real surprise, I guess. The Commanders probably could've just done away with the fight song entirely to little fanfare given fight songs are more of a college thing anyway.

It's always the hardest road for the Commanders, for better but mostly for worse. Kevin Durant should take notes.