Was Nick Saban's Son the Guy Yelling and Flexing at DeShaun Watson?


This moment from the thrilling Alabama-Clemson National Championship game went viral because if you watch closely, the gentleman in the white shirt runs over and screams something at Tigers’ QB DeShaun Watson (#4). Then the bald man backs up and asks the crowd to get louder … and then leans in and flexes on Watson.

The first question: Was this bald man wearing a lanyard around his neck a media member? Not quite.

Up-close photos show that he’s wearing an Alabama shirt.

So maybe a media member from an Alabama-friendly website?


In fact, it looks like this shouting bald man could be Nick Saban’s son.

Here’s a photo of Nick Saban and his son after Alabama beat LSU in the Title game in 2012.

Not nearly conclusive.

A handful of folks on twitter suggested the connection between flexing bald man and Saban’s son.

Twitter is not always reliable.

But what do you think when looking at Nick Saban Jr. in these photos? The first is from a site called Fabwags. Somehow, it got a photo from Nick Saban Jr.’s wedding. Here’s a screen grab of the image (since we don’t own the photo).

Saban on the right, then his wife, then his son. Bald. Facial hair. Undated photo. Interesting? Yes.

But still not conclusive.

This link has a more recent photo of Nicholas Saban (3rd row, far right) from the Mercedes dealership he works at. No facial hair. Still not conclusive that he was the guy shouting at DeShaun Watson.

But if you keep plumbing the web for photos of Nick Saban Jr., you’ll come across this side profile photo of him and his wife. (Again, we don’t own the photo, so it’s a screen grab.)

How much does that look like the man shouting on the sideline?

[UPDATE: 1:15 PMA spokesman at Alabama said, “We don’t have a comment.“]

As a staff, we were unable to come to a consensus. We leaned toward, “it really does look like him!” but you can’t say it with 100% certainty. [H/T Parker]