It's Looking Like the Warriors Will Waste Another Year of Steph Curry

Steph Curry
Steph Curry / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors played on Christmas Day, going up against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Dubs lost by 39 points. They've now been completely, utterly, and totally blown the hell out in two straight games to start the season.

It is not terribly surprising nor is it a matter of great concern. Starting the year against the Brooklyn Nets, followed by the juggernaut Bucks, is not an easy opening schedule. With no Klay Thompson, nobody expects the Warriors to make a legitimate run for the championship, especially with the new players they brought in to play key roles; James Wiseman and Kelly Oubre, for example, are on week three of learning to play within the offense. Draymond Green getting hurt before the season started isn't helping matters.

It is, however, disappointing. Because with how poorly the Warriors' supporting cast has played to start the year, it looks like 2020-21 will be another lost season of Steph Curry. Curry missed nearly the entire season last year after breaking his hand less than 10 games into the season. He's started this year healthy, but clearly hasn't made enough of a difference in two games to prevent his team from getting stomped into the ground. He hasn't played particularly well; the former MVP has shot around 30 percent in the opening two games and only scored 39 points combined in two games.

But even once he finds his shooting touch, it probably won't matter. Andrew Wiggins and Oubre, Curry's main running mates on offense sans Thompson, have been abjectly terrible. Wiseman has shown some extremely exciting flashes as an uber-athletic rim-runner with shooting touch, but he's still a rookie. More often than not, he'll show it, too.

Curry is 32-years-old. It was always going to be a tough year with no Thompson, but there's a difference between a tough season and a season where they get blown out by double-digits every other game. It stinks because Curry is an amazing player, but even the best can only do so much when their teammates are putting up subpar numbers regularly.

Hopefully everyone turns it around and Golden State is competitive enough to be worth watching. But if not, it'll be another waste of a year for Curry in the Bay Area. And that isn't fun for anyone.