Warriors Join 2007 Patriots, 2001 Mariners, 1996 Red Wings: Record-Setting Regular Season, No Title

By Jason McIntyre

This is probably the saddest stat off the NBA Finals, especially if you were like me and rooting for Stephen Curry: The Warriors set a record for NBA regular season wins with 73, but did not with the Championship.

And in a strange twist, the record-season record-holders for wins in the NFL (Patriots), MLB (Mariners) and NHL (Red Wings) all didn’t win a Championship. At this point, it’s got to be a curse, right?

NBA: 2015-2016 Warriors: 73-9, lost in the Finals
NFL: 2007-2008 Patriots: 16-0, lost in the Super Bowl
MLB: 2001 Mariners 116-46, lost in LCS
NHL: 1995-1996 Red Wings 62-13-7, lost in Western Conference Finals

Eventually, somebody’s going to break this jinx … right?