Warren Sapp May Be (Incorrectly and Unfairly) Implying That Jeremy Shockey Was the Saints Bounty "Snitch"

Stephen Douglas

Earlier today the NFL handed down some severe punishment to the New Orleans Saints for their bounty program. This afternoon, NFL Network’s Warren Sapp tweeted that [Jeremy] Shockey was a snitch. CBS’ Mike Freeman says that Shockey is definitely not the snitch who turned in the Saints for Bountygate.

Who “snitched” is besides the point as Freeman points out. Players like Chris Kluwe agree:

@ChrisWarcraft: To everyone who thinks the source was a “snitch” and a bad person – fuck you. Fuck you and your glorification of criminality.

@ChrisWarcraft: Try doing the right thing for once and standing up for what’s important in life – the proper treatment of your fellow man. #fuckingassholes

Either way, in the future Sapp might want to be careful when he’s throwing around accusations.

Update: Shockey denied being the snitch on Twitter. In fact, he’s taking it really well. So well that it’s confusing.

Speaking of players from The U, here’s the greatest GIF ever: