Walker Buehler Was Asked About His Tight Pants After Losing and It Didn't Go Well

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Walker Buehler gave the Los Angeles Dodgers a chance to win Game 1 of the NLCS, surrendering only one run in five innings of work while fanning seven and walking five. Ultimately, though, the Atlanta Braves tacked on some late offense to emerge with a 1-0 series lead.

Buehler, who wore tighter- and shorter-than-usual baseball pants out to the diamond, faced the postgame music with poise. So much poise that he was able to sidestep a question about his extremely snug britches while painting the reporter as the bad guy.

"Not the time or place, Michael" sounds an awful lot like something Oscar said on every episode of The Office. If not twice. And really, it's about the best available response given the situation.

Why Mike went in that direction with his precious Zoom time is a mystery. Imagine thinking that was going to go well. Wandering into another's mind and trying to understand their motivations can be a wild ride.

Now, for some trenchant media commentary. There's certainly no rule against trying to have fun with a cute question for a player who has just lost a game. Losing does not carry with it an invisible invincibility cloak protecting against any query. There is, however, some common sense to grasp. A super bummed dude flat-out doesn't want to talk about his inseam, even if it did qualify him to open up for an All Time Low/We The Kings show.

On the other hand —and your mileage may vary on what it all means — this is the only thing from media availability that has pierced through the noise to make any impact. So in a way, this pants issue was the best question asked even if it was profoundly silly and, on its face, fruitless.