North Carolina State's DJ Horne Got Away With Giving Ref Double Birds at the Free-Throw Line

NC State v Louisville
NC State v Louisville / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

North Carolina State notched a huge ACC victory over Wake Forest last night in a wild game with unusual officiating and no fewer than six technical fouls. DJ Horne, a senior guard for the Wolfpack, allowed the frustration of the night get to him when he lined up some free throws in the game's final seconds and did something we don't think we've ever seen on the court before: An ol' double-birds salute to an official who had just turned his back. It went unnoticed and unpunished but Horne did offer a sincere apology upon getting access to his phone.

It's weird. When you look at the replies to Horne's tweet, it's overwhelmingly people telling him that an apology is not necessary. And while I get that everyone is just trying to be supportive, this is definitely something you should apologize for. Can't be going around town delivering double-barrel shots of the naughty finger in the hopes no one catches it.

It's a dangerous game and such a choice could prove disastrous come time for knockout play.