Von Miller Trade Destinations if Broncos Move Star Veteran

Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver Broncos
Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Only four games into the the 2019 season, and the Denver Broncos already look doomed. They've lost their first four games, and while Joe Flacco hasn't looked like an ideal fit at quarterback, he's the least of the team's problems.

The Broncos are an organizational train wreck in the midst of a power struggle, and rumors suggest that general manager John Elway may be on the verge of trading off the last remnants of their Super Bowl 50 champion roster before the season is out. Yes, this might include former Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, or at least rival general managers are hoping that's the case.

Needless to say, there are a few teams who could definitely squeeze a few more solid years out of the future Hall of Fame linebacker before his retirement. Here are just a few places where he would fit snugly.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

So far, the Eagles are the most likely candidate, if not the only one, linked to Miller. Earlier this year, they failed to land Miami Dolphins defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick, as he ended up on the other side of Pennsylvania with the Steelers. The Eagles defense has struggled to rush the quarterback so far this season - something Miller specializes in - so this trade could easily be worth it for Philly as it tries to make another playoff push.

2. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders may have lost one of their key defensive free agent signings at linebacker for the remainder of the season, as Vontaze Burfict delivered yet another needlessly-dirty helmet-to-helmet hit. While he goes through the NFL's appeals process, Oakland could use a quick fix, and Miller just might be the answer to Jon Gruden's prayers.

3. New York Giants

Another NFC East team that could use a spark at pass rush. While they may have found their answer on offense with Daniel Jones at quarterback, most of the Giants' linebacker corps is out with injury, including Tae Davis, whose concussion will put him out indefinitely.

4. Cleveland Browns

Though the Browns may not look as strong this season as the experts first believed, it certainly isn't because of their defense. Through four games, the Browns rank in the top five in sacks, with 14. However, it's come at a price, as Cleveland has already lost two linebackers - Willie Harvey and Christian Kirksey - to injured reserve. A player with Von Miller's skillset might elevate Cleveland's defense to the level where it can overcome quarterback Brandon Mayfield's shortcomings and finally bring the team to the playoffs.

5. Washington Redskins

Washington is one of six NFL teams without a win, and for good reason - it can't defend anything. The Redskins rank third in the NFL with 118 points allowed, and it's worth nothing that the second place team (the Rams) played an extra game due to appearing on Thursday Night Football. Unfortunately, Von Miller alone won't be able to save their season - the Redskins' problems run much deeper than shoddy defense - but he may at least help turn things around.