Virginia Mascot Devastated to See Team Surrender Punt Block Touchdown While Pretending to Punt


Louisville hosted Virginia on ESPN on Thursday night. The Cavaliers (2-7) kept it close for most of the first half against the Cardinals (8-1), but eventually disaster struck. With 3:06 remaining in the second quarter Louisville lined up to punt only trailing by seven. That's when Virginia's D'Angelo Hutchinson blocked a Virginia punt in the end zone. Teammate Jimmy Calloway then caught the ball in the end zone for a touchdown.

Pretty neat play, but that's not why we're here. When ESPN showed a replay of the blocked punt everyone noticed the Virginia mascot in the background pretending to kick the ball at the same time punter Daniel Sparks was having his kick blocked. The mascot didn't even have his foot back on the ground before his hands started moving towards his head to do the surrender cobra.

There's not much funnier than a sincere mascot reaction when something bad happens to their team. It's a fun reminder that there's a real person in there and they are experiencing real human emotions while wearing a giant foam head. What a great thing to wear while receiving bad news.