Vince McMahon Once Sharted His Pants Before a Segment on WWE Raw

By Tim Ryan

Jim Ross recently did an interview on Opie and Anthony and offered up a couple good stories involving the weak stomach of poor Jerry Briscoe, a former wrestler and employee of the WWE. The first tale involves Vince McMahon farting in the face of Brisco shortly before he was to do a live segment on Raw. But the fart delivered more than just noxious vapors, it came with some juice.

To no surprise, Mr. McMahon went on to do the segment anyway despite sharting his khaki pants. That’s the true definition of focus. Vince McMahon sharted his pants and just didn’t give a shit, he had some wrestling to sell.

There’s a bonus story that starts at the 1:24 mark where Ross discusses the time he delivered a fart that caused Brisco to vomit when it “engulfed him.” Poor Jerry Brisco.

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[via Guyism]