Vince McMahon's New Mustache and Hair Dye Had Twitter in Hysterics


WWE has been purchased by Ari Emanuel’s Endeavor Group, which also owns the UFC. Vince McMahon appeared on CNBC on Monday morning to talk about the deal and, well, he had a new look. The last time one image got such a strong reactiong, it was an AI-generated image of the Pope in a puffy white jacket.

Absolutely no one was prepared to see Vince McMahon show up with dark hair and a matching mustache. The world suddenly stopped as everyone took a shot at the he looks like [SOMEONE ELSE FROM POPULAR CULTURE] game.

Editor's note: I do not pay for Twitter Blue.

Imagine blowing out your knee at Wrestlemania and then your dad Facetimes you in the hospital to see how you're doing and he looks like he's got a bad guy filter turned on.