Vince McMahon is Going to Send Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw Cy Young Championship Belts


Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw are your 2013 Cy Young Award winners. For all their hard work, the hurlers receive an underwhelming plaque that looks Thing of ‘Addams Family’ fame. Or worse, it resembles an something handed out by the local Rotary Club.

C’mon, this is a big-time award! Shouldn’t it utilize Waterford crystal or holograms? Given that it’s doled out by the BWWAA we should be grateful the Cy Young Award itself isn’t a cheap certificate spit out by on a dot-matrix printer.

Chin up Max and Clayton, you’re about to get something much more impressive: WWE replica belts thanks to Vince McMahon. The @MLB Twitter account tweeted out a mock championship belt for the Cy Young winners early Thursday.

A couple hours later McMahon dropped this elbow from the top rope:

Not too shabby. Don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t want that shimmering pile of gold glimmering on your mantle.The more championship belts in sports, the better in my book.

On a semi-related note, it’s always nice to see that McMahon is still seemingly lucid after receiving all those Stone Cold Stunners years ago.

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